Tuesday, June 13, 2017

About Me

About Me

Welcome to the Exuberant Vegan blog!

My name is Kathryn Johnson- Elizondo. I live in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I'm an English teacher, an artist, and most recently, a vegan food and lifestyle blogger!

On June 16, 2016, I changed my diet to 100% vegan. 

What does that mean? I do not eat any animal products whatsoever. No meat (including fish), no cheese, and no eggs. 

This has been a big transformational time in my life, as I now eat very differently than I did as a meat-eater. 

One of the biggest challenges this diet has brought is living vegan in the Rio Grande Valley. Unlike other bigger cities, there are not a lot of restaurants, or even accessible grocery stores that allow for full food freedom. 

However, eating vegan is not impossible! This blog is to help the awesome people of the Rio Grande Valley (and beyond) to find easy, affordable, and sustainable ways to live and eat vegan.

Eating vegan can be for everyone!

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